Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in Germany and most of her life she lived near Amsterdam. Anne is a girl who went into hiding during the Holocaust . She also write a book call the diary of a young girl. Her book has even been published in more than fifty languages and sold almost twenty million. It's also been basis for several plays and films.Eventually died during the Holocaust.

10 Interesting Facts

1.  They would just take them to jail

2.Sent them to concentration camps

3. Sometime they would just take them to death camps

4.They were emaciate

5. they only has rags as clothing

6. If sick,weak they would kill them

7. They tried to escape the concentration camps

8. would size them up and send them to concentration camps or death camps

9. There were about 22 concentration and death camps

10. Over 6 million Jewish people were kill in only 5 years

Anne Frank was born in 1929 June 12

She died on March 1945 12

Her book was published 1947

The Anne Frank museum open in May 3, 1960

Anne Frank biography was published in 1998

5 people or more involved with your topic

Otto Frank father of Anne Frank

Edith Frank mother of Anne Frank

Miep Gies an employee

Jo Kleiman an accountant

Bep Voskuijl  an  employee

Victor Kugler an employee

Anne Frank's hero
Anne Frank hero's include: Mipe Gies, Johannes Kleiman,Victor kugler, Jan Gies, Bep Voskuijl,

Why is your topic important and why you should remember my topic

Why my topic is important because everybody should know their history to  know what you came form and also to know what people had to go though because some people had it hard.To remember some you don't take what you have for gain because i think sometime all of us can  take our freedom for gain.

The sources I used

The Holocaust museum

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