Week 3: Kahoot

If you're looking for ways to get your kids EXCITED and ENGAGED, then today's your lucky day!  Kahoot is an exciting, game-like student response system that teachers can use to easily create and deliver quizzes and surveys to students. Students can use any internet-enabled device (computer, smart phones, tablets, iPods Touches, etc.) Students do NOT need accounts (YAY) to participate. When you start the quiz, a PIN number will appear on the screen that allows the students to access the Kahoot.

This video tutorial is a bit longer than most (just shy of 9 minutes), but it is really fabulous and walks you through the entire process of setting up your account, creating Kahoots (quizzes, discussions, & surveys), launching the Kahoot with your students, reviewing the data, and sharing your Kahoot with other teachers!

Create an account at getkahoot.com and to get started right away!

Create a Kahoot

  1. Select Quiz, Discussion, or Survey (I would stick with quizzes and surveys.)
  2. Name your Kahoot and click GO.
  3. Add your first question and answer choices. (Make these simple because the kids will be reading the questions/answers from your projection screen.)
  4. Designate the correct answer(s) - yes, you can have multiple correct answers!
  5. By default, the questions will have points values and a 30 second time limit. Adjust these settings as you wish. (Kids will LOVE the points and time challenge!)
  6. Optional: Add any desired image or video (still experimental) to your question.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to add or delete questions. When you are finished adding questions, click the green Save & Continue button. There are a couple of screens with optional settings for your Kahoot (allows you to add a description, designate an audience, tag your Kahoot to make it easy for others to find, add a quiz image, etc.) but I usually skip right through those.

As soon as you're done, you can Play, Preview, or Edit your Kahoot. You can also share your quiz with other Kahoot members or via Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or with Email.

Kahoot-ing in the Classsroom

The teacher must display the Kahoot on a big screen so it's visible for the students/participants (the questions and answers will NOT display on their devices.)

  1. Teacher hits Play and Launch - a numeric PIN code appears.
  2. Students use any internet-enabled device to go to Kahoot.it and enter the code.
  3. Students enter a nickname on their device.
  4. The teacher's screen (displayed) will show how many participants have entered and the names of students as they enter. (Teachers DO have the ability to remove a bratty-brat kid who thinks it's funny to enter a naughty nickname!)
  5. As soon as everyone is in, the teacher hits Start Now to display the first question and answer choices. If a time limit was set, the clock will start counting down.
  6. Students read the question and answer choices on the display screen, but submit their answers on their own devices. You may need to allow students to move around in the room to be sure that everyone can see the screen.
  7. Results will appear between each question - it's a great time to review the answers and then see the top 5 point earners - the faster the students answer the question, the more points they earn. And of course, they need to get the right answer to earn any points!
  8. At the end of the Kahoot, a final scoreboard will appear with the winner. Teachers can also download the full quiz results as an Excel document from this screen.

More Kahoot-y Awesomeness

There are currently more than 490,000 Public Kahoots that you can use today! Once you're logged in, click Public Kahoots from the top of your Kahoot Dashboard and search via title, subject, tag, or username. PLEASE be sure you review the entire Kahoot before using it with your students!

You can Preview any Kahoot - one of your own or a Public Kahoot. I encourage you to give it a try. It will split your screen so that you see the projected teacher view on the left and a "student device" on the right. Go ahead, try it ... we'll wait.

If you still want more info, you can read more about Kahoot here, here, here, and here. Or, you can just dive right in and start Kahooting!

Classroom Applications

  • Collect information feedback from your students.
  • Review the day's material for the last 5 minutes of class.
  • Start the class with a review of yesterday's material (they will be PUMPED UP after this!)
  • Students (16 and older) can create their own accounts and begin creating quizzes for others - and we all know that we learn more when we teach!
  • Current Events - add images and questions about things happening in the community and world today
  • Vocabulary Practice - this won't take much time, but it will sure be fun and the students will be excited and engaged
  • Reading Comprehension - after reading a story, article, or chapter in the textbook, use Kahoot to assess how much they understood and remembered
  • Art Smart - Add images of artwork and see if the kids can identify the title, artist, or style
  • Music Clips - Add YouTube video clips of a piece of music and see if the kids can identify the composer, genre, etc. (This one may be a bit tricky if the YouTube video includes the answer in its title or in the video itself.)
  • STAFF MEETING FUN - although this really isn't a "classroom application", I promise that adults will jump right in and play Kahoot ... especially if there's a prize involved. And especially if the prize is a Sonic card ... just sayin'!

Additional tools you might like ...

  • Poll Everywhere - simple for quick polls, voting, or multiple choice questions; limited to 40 responses per poll
  • Infuse Learning - teacher-created quizzes and "quick assessments" are given a unique pin number that allows the students to log in on their own devices; supports multiple choice, true/false, open ended questions, sort & order, likert scale,and draw responses; teacher can upload picture so that students can annotate it as a response; optimized for iOS, Android, and laptop/desktops (Does NOT work in Internet Explorer); no limit on number of participants
  • Socrative - teacher creates a "room" and kids join with a pin number; supports multiple choice, true/false, and open ended questions; works on all web-enabled devices, all browsers; limited to 50 participants at a time

Not to brag or anything, but ...

Last week, my co-workers and I were lucky enough to attend FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference.) In fact, we didn't just attend. We presented to a FULL HOUSE!
Anyhoo .... while we were there, we attended a fun Tech Share event. During that event, Leslie Fisher (super cool IT specialist!) led us in a record-breaking Kahoot! We didn't just beat the record. We smashed it! We had 1200+ participating at one time. And, I don't mean to brag, but after the first question, I was in 4th (yes, FOURTH out of 1200+) place! I missed every question after that, but for that brief moment in time, I was a winner!

What do you think?

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