My NVOAD 15 Workshop: "Advanced Social Media Search and Monitoring"

Please come to the Grand Couteau room, 5th floor at 3:30 today (5-13) to learn more about social media listening at #NVC15

This talk shop will be a brief demonstration followed by a hands-on "how-to" session to help people learn to search and find useful and relevant information that will help improve their recovery efforts, and improve overall coordination between groups.

Workshop participants will learn twitter keyword and hashtag searches, as well as twitter geosearches, and learn how to search for public facebook and blog posts, how to set up automatic google alerts, and other things like basic image search and some discussion of other relevant apps and social media platforms.

We'll also demonstrate how to organize this information so that you can track it and share it when appropriate with others to improve coordination, collaboration, cooperation and communication.

Bring whatever device you prefer to use; a laptop computer is recommended, but we can also go over how to use these tools and techniques on tablets and phones, since many VOAD members are in the field and using mobile devices for internet and social media access.

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