Welcome to our classroom!  I cannot wait for the learning to begin.  I am so excited to be here with all of you for the transition into middle school.  This year, we have something special in common....It's my first year at Indian Mound Middle School too!

I graduated from UW-Madison in December, and I finished my student teaching in January.  I student-taught 3rd grade at Thoreau Elementary School in the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD).  I loved it, but I knew I wanted to teach middle school.  After I graduated, I worked as a long-term substitute teaching 5th grade in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District and 8th grade in the MMSD.  Now, I am thrilled to be joining you at Indian Mound Middle School!

This year, we have a lot of great opportunities in store for us. Moving into middle school, you get much more freedom and student choice. We have iPads, a trip to Camp Timberlee, and an amazing curriculum ahead of us.

This year will be a learning year for all of us.  We will learn about each other, about what it means to be in middle school, and about how we learn.  My goal is to provide you with meaningful experiences that allow you to  explore, create, and discover.  Your voice and your input matters to me.

My question to you is, what type of experience do you want 6th grade to be?  

What are your hopes and fears?

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