The Consequences of Global Warming On Wildlife

Wildlife is extremely sensible, even to small climate changes. The global warming leads to serious consequences, which has already caused at least hundreds species into extinction. This situation languishes and becomes more alarming as years go on. One of the most influent impact on the animals is their habitat displacement. They've spent millions of years adapting to ecosystems that had vanished or changed drasticly. Even though they can move on another habitat, the human expansion has limited and destroyed a significant part of the ecosystem. Sadly, recent research shows that different species cannot belong together, which disturbs actual and eventual ecological communities. Many scientists assert that global warming affects the life cycles of the wildlife as the cycle is shifted. For example, the slumber of hibernating animals is shortened every year, due to springs coming earlier. Among the most affected endegered species, we can count caribous, arctic foxes, toads, polar bears, penguins, grey wolves, tree swallows, painted turtles and salmons. These are the most feared to go in complete extinction.  Around the world, there are certains species threatened by climate change.

The ice melting is very problematic as the sea ice is necessary for polar bears to catch their preys. They also no longer have a place to rest, and most end up drowing, because they were too exhausted.

South America:

The rising of sea levels threatenes the sea turtles increase as the eggs the females lay on Brazilian beaches don't get the time to grow, swallowed by the ocean.


The giant panda's forest habiat is fragmented, and the panda populations are isolated from each other.


Elephants need a large living space, that is mostly shrinking and leads them inot conflicts with humans.


Many of the frogs coubd be disturbed by the reduction or variation of the rainfalls that could affect their reproduction.


Very few tigers are left in the wild because of hunters, traders and poor local residents who use the forest for subsitance.

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