Power of Habits Response - Zach Brown

I thought the section on habits made some good points. It went through and identified the things that cause us to create and enjoy our habits. It then went into a multi-step section on how to fix or alter our habits to better serve us, or to come up with newer and healthier ones entirely.

One of the habits I would like to correct is my habit of constantly putting off homework until the last minute, then just saying "screw it, there are better uses of my time" at the very last second. The cue for this would be receiving homework I see no value in doing. The reward of this particular habit would be the free time that not doing it grants me. Time that can be spent doing something enjoyable instead.

As far as a plan goes, I really don't have one. Pretty much just going to sit down and do it. Not sure what plan could be made, or that a plan really needs to be made. The positive habit I'd like to replace this bad one with, would be doing all homework, regardless of how little value it may or may not have.

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