European Explorers

I m a European ship captain, my task is to find new land and trade routes to Asia. Money is always on my mind. Recently, i heard about massive fertilized lands were found west of Europe. They also found new water routes to Asia that can prevent us from getting rob. Even though that traveling by water takes long time, but the desire to get wealthy and safer traveling lured people to sea.

New Trade Routes to Asia

Europe had traded with Asia for a long time, even before the Renaissance. People used travel to Asia by the silk road. During the crusades, the crusaders introduced many luxury goods from Asia to Europeans. After the Renaissance, People became richer and were able to purchase these luxuries. The traders and merchants had to buy more luxuries goods. When they do that, it puts more dangers in their trip. There are bigger chances of them getting robbed by Robbers and Desert thugs.To prevent this from happening, people had to find new routes to Asia, so they chose traveling by ships, because ships can carry more goods and its safer. technologies improvement also helped them, people invented Cartographers, a more accurate map and sea charts. People also invented caravel, which combined square sails and triangular sail. The new rigging made it easier to sail across or into the wind.

Spices Hunting

In 1200s and 1300s, Mongol empire controlled most of Asia, and the Europeans were mostly trading with them. Then the Black death and the fall of Mongol empire disrupted trades. By 1400s, Europe recovered from the Plague, population grew and the demands for goods grew too. One of the most popular luxuries goods were spices, such as peppers, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Spices has a lot of uses, people use them to preserve food, add flavor to the food, make medicines and perfumes. Most of the spices came from Indonesia, which the Europeans called the Spice Islands. In 1400s, Muslim and Europeans merchants controlled most trade between Asia and Europe. The Europeans wanted to make more money, and they stopped traveling by foot. The Italians were the first one to travel by sea, then everyone else does the same thing to try to get direct access to Asia.

Columbus Discovered New Land

Columbus was a Spanish navigator that found North America and South America in 1429. Before he left for his journey, his destination was suppose to be in India. Columbus believed that instead of sailing east, he could sail west and find shorter water routes to Asia. When he reached North America, he met the native Americans (Indians) and thought he was actually in India. Columbus stayed in America for a couple of month and explored it. When he went back to Spain he told everyone about the "New Land" and people thought he was a hero.

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