The Best Job on the Planet!!!


Job Description:

To be a successful sheep shearer u must be able to:

Shear wool from live sheep using proper driven clippers or hand shears, clip the wool close to the hide so that the fleece is removed in one piece and ex recuse care to nick or cut the skin as little as possible. You must also know how to herd the shorn animal into the runway leading pen, oil and sharpen clippers and shearers, and be able to tie fleece.


A highschook education is not required, but you need to know how to do your job correctly. A mentor or training at The American Sheep Industry Association is recommended.


Sheep shearing is a worldwide business just like another where the business follows the product, our product just happens to be sheep. Saying that, when you have a job you can choose wether you want to go to the customer or if they will come to you. Visiting a customer will probably be a long drive, but it pays more.


If you do your job correctly, you could end up pretty well off. There are many different payment options however. You could get paid $145 for every 100 sheep or, $7.83-$16.91 per hour,

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