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History is always talking about people who did great things – men and women, who managed to bring about revolutions, discover new things and create a big name for themselves in the world. History remembers these people and immortalises their existence, making them into legends that will be remembered forever more. But there are some people who go beyond this feat of merely creating history. They actually redefine the course of the world’s future and actually become the inspiration for many other history makers in the world. One name that will top this elite list of people is Marco Polo.

This man has been one of the most celebrated and revered travellers of his time and has actually been the driving force behind many future expeditions that led to the discovery of the world. What Marco Polo managed to do was discovered the East for the people of Europe and trust me, that is not a small thing! His expedition led him down the Silk Road where he braved many dangers and challenges to reach the empire and court of Kublai Khan in Mongolia. His adventures in China began from this point on where in he won the trust of the emperor, became a loyal emissary, went on many diplomatic missions and learned many things about the Chinese culture. He even taught the emperor a thing or two about the West!

And his return after more than a decade of travelling to Europe marked the beginning of his life as a celebrity. Marco Polo managed to record every minute account of his travel with amazing accuracy, giving the people of Europe with a chance to relive the Silk Road and the empire of China in true detail. The book, as you would have guessed, became an instant success and inspired generations upon generations of explorers and travellers to look for new land and cultures. One of the most celebrated names in this list is Christopher Columbus himself, who actually carried the Marco Polo’s book with him, as he embarked upon his most celebrated voyage. Polo truly was a legend maker unto himself.

Marco's first trip to Asia was in 1271 when he was 17 years old. He travelled with his father and his uncle to the Mongol Empire in China. It actually took the convoy a total of four years to reach the empire while they travelled through a treacherous terrain comprising of deserts, mountains and dense forests. The fabled Silk Road was the way through which they managed to reached this jewel in the east and were instantly awestruck by the grandeur and affluence of the place. In fact, Marco Polo ended up spending 17 years in China while he explored the country and learned much about the culture and heritage of the people. He was a pioneer of his time and can be considered to be one of the first traveller celebrities of the world.

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