Testicular Cancer

About Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a cancer that forms in your testicles. It will stop your maturity growth physically and mentally   


  • A swelling and/or lump in one or both of the testes. .
  • A heavy feeling in the chest  
  • A dull pain or feeling of pressure in the lower belly

Possible Causes

No known cause but some us factors are family history of testicular cancer

Cancer Growth

Testicular Cancer Stages

The first stage the cancer has not spread. Next the cancer has broken the inner layer. Then tomer have spread to one or both of the testes . finally the cancer has spread to the lungs or other organs.  


The possible treatment for testicular cancer is adjuvent, chemotherapy, or radiation after there primary treatment.  

Survival Rates

The survival rate of testicular cancer is 95%

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