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Commercial Airline Pilot

Supports aircraft Captain by ensuring safe and timely piloting of aircraft and performing other aircraft management duties.


To do this job correctly you must be able to:

  1. Provides the Captain with proper planning of each flight utilizing all applicable weather information and reports in accordance with Company policies and procedures and Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).
  2. Determines that the aircraft is air-worthy in accordance with FARs and Company policies and procedures; completes appropriate preflight inspections.
  3. Along with the Captain, ensures the flight is planned and fueled properly so that the flight may be conducted safely and in accordance with policies and regulations.
  4. Safely, properly and effectively operates the aircraft during the designated period of duty in accordance with the Captain’s instruction, FARs, and Company policies and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities:


Able to pass an FAA required 10 year work history review and criminal background and fingerprint checks. Possess and maintain a valid US passport or foreign passport. Authorized by law to work in the United States and able to travel in and out of the United States. Willing to submit to and able to pass FAA and Company mandated random drug and alcohol tests.


High School diploma or GED.

Must meet the minimum requirements for an ATP or RATP certificate. ATP written is preferred.

Meet the current interview and hiring minimum age and flight hours requirements set by the FAA and Company.

If a candidate interviews with the interview minimums, but not the hiring minimums, s/he will be eligible for hire upon successful completion of the interview process if s/he:

  • Meets the Hiring Minimums within six months of the interview date.
  • Has no certificate action since the date of the interview.
  • Has no misdemeanors or felonies since the interview date.
  • Accepts class date within six months of the interview date.

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