Jack & Jack

Jack Edward Johnson

Jack Edward Johnson- Is a vine sensation for one half of the vine account Jack & Jack alongside his childhood best friend Jack Gilinsky. He and Gilinsky have released such hit singles such as “ Flights,” ( Never Change) and “ WildLife.” Before fame he first created an individual vine account that was separate from the fame vine account Jack & Jack account. He and Gilinsky’s best known vine is called “ Eric and Winston: The Nerd Vandals.” His family life he has an older brother named Jeff and was born to parents John & Jennifer. He became a member of a group called The Magcon Boys along with other famous vine stars such as Carter Reynolds. He was Born March 24th 1996 in Omaha nebraska.

Jack Finnegan Gilinsky

Jack Finnegan Gilinsky- Is a vine phenomenon who accounts for one of the Jacks from the famous vine account Jack & Jack, along with Jack Johnson. Their 2014 hit single “Wild Life” reached #87 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Before fame He started vine separately from Johnson who he met and became best friend back in Kindergarten. His best known vine is called “ Eric and Winston: “The Nerd Vandals” and he has a series of other vines with such as " Whenever this song comes on"

These are just a few examples.