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Photography Portfolio

Classic Red

This is one of my best friends, Linzy. I didn't want my ugly garage in the background so I took her over to the mailbox. I didn't really have a plan at the time, so I just told her to chill for a second while I thought of a pose. She was looking at cars pass by and I decided to capture her beauty.

Life's a splash !

So I wasn't in a swimming mood and I decided to take photos of my sisters jumping over the waves!

Only One Left

This is an old pal of mine. Out of the 50 photos we took this was one of my favorites. Since she was wearing a flower headband, I took her over to my neighbors flower bush. Luckily there was one flower left!

Pure Happiness

My sisters came down the slide having a laugh :)

Summer Bubbles

In the summer time my family and I like to come out in the sun and this is one of our favorite activities! Blowing many, many, many, bubbles!

Play Ball

The kids I babysit always play outside and this time I decided to capture the moment

Live In The Moment

This photo, especially with the filter, makes me think of how a photograph can hold memories. Time moves by so fast. You blink and all of a sudden four years has past. This photo just makes me think to live in the moment.

Music Through My Veins

I took this at my One Direction concert and I'm absolutely in love with this photo.

Forever A Kid

I took my sisters to the park one afternoon and I saw this mother pushing her daughter on the swings. I decided to capture the moment and I thought the sunset set the mood.

Stingy Sting Rays

I took this while my family fed these sting rays. I honestly didn't know how I felt about this, but now I really like it.

Whale Hello There

I was at one of those shows at Sea World and I was so happy to have captured this whale jumping up. Even though shortly after I got splashed and was wet from head to toe.

Icy Drops

I love the winter time, it's one of the most beautiful seasons. I love it when there's icicles on the trees :)

Live Life

I took this photo of my sister when I was testing out my camera for problems (the lens was stuck so that's why it's blurry) but I really liked how it turned out.

Autum Leaves

I was at the temple when I took this and the leaves looked beautiful so I had to get a shot. Also the lamp post kinda reminds me of Narnia!

Keep Calm & Peace

At the temple there was this huge Buddha statue and I had to get a shot of it.

Downtown Blues

My friend and I were eating muffins at Dichotomy on the roof deck and there was a really good view of the Alico building.

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