Kiki Needs a New Home!

Help this sweet, beautiful 8-year-old girl find a new place.

Kiki the Love Bug

Kira (aka Kiki) is a sweet, beautiful, 8-year-old, long-haired girl looking for a new home. She’s front declawed and a diluted calico with super cute white feet. She’s spayed and up-to-date on her shots. Kiki doesn’t like being picked up, but she’s still a charmer and loves to snuggle. She lives to be near people and will chattily welcome any visitors with her wide, adoring green eyes and pleas for rubs. She will happily make herself a permanent fixture on your sofa or bed.

Her very favorite thing in the whole wide world is being brushed. And she loves anti-hairball treats. As a result, she hasn’t had any hairball issues since she moved in with me. She’s good about her litterbox and likes the occasional cat toy or catnip. She’s laid back and really just loves to be near her people. She has lived with another cat. I would suggest against dogs (they're very scary for a declawed girl) and against small children--she has met some little ones but they make her very nervous.

The History of Kiki

Kiki's kitten-hood is unknown. My dad rescued her several years ago when she was around 2. He was volunteering at the shelter that took her in and when she arrived, she had clearly been through significant trauma. After lots of love, brushing, and patient TLC from my dad, both as a volunteer in the shelter and then in his home, she became the sweet, loving girl she is today.

She does have some lingering health problems stemming from her early life. She has always walked very stiffly, so when I got her, I had the vet give her a thorough review. We took x-rays and had an orthopedist see her. The diagnosis was that when she was a kitten, both of the ACLs in her hind legs were torn and a couple of discs in her back were compressed. The injury caused her to develop arthritis in her back legs. I hate to think how that could have happened to such a sweet baby girl. The vet and orthopedist recommended against surgery, saying it would be prohibitively expensive and not improve her quality of life enough to warrant it. Thankfully, she's a very happy girl and gets along well despite these challenges.

Why a New Home?

I'm headed to Edinburgh to get my masters in marketing in the fall and student housing does not allow pets. So I’m hoping to find her a new mom/dad/family who can give her the snuggles she loves so much!

How Do I Meet Kiki?

Kiki lives in Arlington, Va., near the Courthouse Metro Station. She would love to meet her new mom(s) and/or dad(s), either at her pad or theirs. Just shoot me an email at to learn more about this wonderful girl.

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