How it change us

This is one of the places you can buy a gun.

The chinese fire lance

This firearm above is the first gun invented dated back to the 10th century. The chinese alchemist blended charcoal, saltpeter, and sulfur into a powder called huo hao. It purpose was originally for skin infection but armies found its other purpose and turn it into a weapon called gunpowder. The Chinese made the lance out of bamboo and metal tube that projected fire shrapnel at the target. The gunpowder was transported to Europe during the Silk Road and Europe made another firearm called musket.(shown below)

The musket back in 1700s

The sound you heard above is what a Desert Eagle pistol sound when shot.

The one below is what a machine gun would sound like when shot

People taking it to extreme

Ever since one guy playing a game of Call of Duty did something extreme, we have many people trying to do it in real life. For example, quickscoping is the sniper quickly look into the sniper scope and shoot the person in front of them killing instantly. This trick was seen by a player on a contest from MLG TV and made it huge by adding sound effect like the MLG horn, Doritos, Mt. Dew, and Illuminatti.

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