7.MEH.2.2 Stress Management

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure is a major thing that most teens have to deal with. All they want is to fit in, but they don't want to do what others are doing. So they just say no, to relieve that stress they just say no, and going to some real friends who wont pressure them into doing stuff they don't wanan do.


The yelling, the arguing, the crying. Are all things that some teens deal with. To relieve stress two major things that teens do to relax is, go on vacation, or go to a friends house for a while.

Bad Grades

This is yet another thing that teens have to deal with, some tried as hard as they could, some didn't try at all. Some teens study more, other listen to music to try to forget about it, also teens go to friends house's to forget.

By:Hannah Shimer

This tackk board was made by: Hannah Shimer for Health Class dealing on stress, stressors, and stress management.

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