Keep Calm and DON'T break

the rules of internet safety

Internet Safety is VERY important thing to follow..................or your life maybe in DANGER.

  1. Do NOT give out your phone number to a stranger (
  2. Do NOT tell anyone you don’t know your school name (
  3. Do NOT tell anyone your age to someone off the internet (
  4. Do NOT ANYONE and I mean ANYONE your address that you don’t know at all (it can lead to death kidnap)(
  5. Predators are always looking to collect information about their child victims. This information may be used to identify, connect with, or manipulate children. For example, if a child blogs about being misunderstood, a predator might provide a sympathetic ear in order to create trust and form a relationship. Predators may also try to encourage children into a sexual relationship by talking about sex, so children should avoid talking about provocative subjects with people they do not know (
  6. Cyber-bullies take their targets’ personal information and use it against them. They may copy and alter photos; share private e-mail or instant message conversations; and taunt their victims with emotional insecurities revealed in blogs (
  7. Scammers want to use children’s personal information to manipulate them. Children who post e-mail addresses and phone numbers may be the targets of spam, telemarketers, and e-mail scams (
  8. Online predators do not fit any one mold or stereotype; seemingly upstanding citizens have been caught enticing children for sexual acts (
  9. Don't give out your password even to "friends" online they may be a scammer
  10. Don't download/install random pop-ups saying you won a iPad or a million dollars