Google Searching Tricks

By: Danielle Pena Weather

If you search, "weather in..." the weather of that location will appear immediately. You can also see the precipitation, wind, and what the weather will be like for the rest of the week.

Finding a Location

You can easily search up, "Where is ______" A picture of the location will show up right away.

Know The Word

Google will give you direct definitions to words you don't know.

Don't Miss Your Flight

Searching the flight schedule for a certain flight, you will automatically get the next flight of the plane.

Stay caught up with your teams!

Google is a great tool for many personal handy things, but it is also the best way to know what is coming up with your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL! When you search the schedule of your favorite team, you will see who they are playing next, where they are playing, how much are tickets, etc.

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