Reports to.

The animation studio they work for, whether its a film and video studio, or cartoon networks. If you work for a newspaper, you would report to your editor. Syndicates and agents help cartoonists find jobs and sell the cartoonists work.

The Job purpose.

For comic strips in news papers, usually its for comedy or to point out the irony in a topic. Some use cartoons to express their point of view or ideas on a subject. Some cartoonists create pages of strips, this is usually called a graphic novel. So the point of creating a graphic novel or a single comic strip is for the consumers entertainment.

The Responsibility/Duty

  • Getting their cartoons to their editors in on the due date.
  • To create a variety of comic strips
  • Use different tools when creating different comics
  • Must be able to complete their work in a small window of time\
  • Must be able to come up with original and creative ideas


  • Most employers want employees with bachelors degrees in drawing, illustration, fine art, painting, animation, or other degrees similar to these.  The degree programs they learned from should include heavy coursework in drawing, painting, illustration, and anatomy.
  • The technical skills they should have include computer graphics, lettering, and typography.
  • The Abilities they need is to have experience in sketching, fine arts, etc. They should have a gift for sketching and coming up with ideas, or at least have been drawing for a long time.
  • Personal characteristics include, being able to handle criticism, and having a ability to persuade people. Persuading is useful in many ways, they need to be able to persuade and "win over" the public to view/buy their comics. More are having the gift of drawing, having a creative mind, and making their own unique, distinctive style.

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