Classroom Module Assignment

Technological classrooms are innovating the way students learn and the way teachers teach.

The technology included in this classroom includes two of many technological contraptions within this atmosphere. One of these technological contraptions is the Smartboard located at the front of the classroom. This contraption is used in the classroom to teach to children in ways that help them interact with the learning standards provided by the state in which the classroom is located. The other technological contraption is the computers located near the front of the classroom in the corner next to the Smartboard. This contraption is used in the classroom to often help the students interact and take quizzes incorporated with reading. Often times, these computers are used to quiz students on reading materials read on their own time and is used to quiz them on the material they read about.

One of the many reason why I like this classroom is the number of technological contraptions in the classroom along with the organization of it. The classroom is exceptionally clean. This classroom is also a shining example of the multiple advances in modern education. The progress from classical education to now can be easily seen within this room.

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