Kangaroos are the largest marsupials in the world


An adult kangaroo can weigh between thirty-four and ninety kilograms.The kangaroo's powerful legs allow it to make jumps of nearly thirty feet in distance and up to eight feet high.


Kangaroos are found in Australia,Tasmania,New Guinea and grass lands.


A kangaroo's shelter are trees and cliff over hangs.

Biological Relationships

A kangaroo is prey of a dingo,vulture and a hunter.

Life Cycle

A kangaroo's life cycle starts with a baby kangaroo called a joey,then an advanced joey then a adult kangaroo.

Food Web

A kangaroo's Food Web starts with the kangaroo eating the grass and the leaves. Then the vulture and the dingo eating the kangaroo then the hunter killing the kangaroo.


A kangaroo's biomes are Deserts, Grass lands, Bush lands and Savanna. Also kangaroos are found in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.

Interesting Facts

Kangaroos can not walk backwards. When a kangaroo is born it is the size of a jelly bean.


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