Business Cards:

Professional Business Cards

Card 1: This card is professional because the colors compliment each other well. There is also a great logo.

Card 2: This card is unique because it doesn't look like all the other business cards. It's simple but classy. The text is also nice.

Card 3: This one is simple and elegant. The colors look classy.

Card 4: This card has a good logo and has all the information needed. The back of the card is also simple and very professional looking.

Card 5: This card is clever because it shows a silhouette of a business man for a professional consultant card. The colors also compliment each other.

Unprofessional Business Cards

Card 1: This card has a bad logo and a bad quote. It is too simple. The text is ugly and the colors don't mix.

Card 2: What the card says is great, but the text doesn't make it stand out. The logo is not that good. The colors don't go with each other.

Card 3: There are way too many fonts and designs on this card. The colors don't really mesh well.

Card 4: The title is ridiculous. The clip art is alright, but the font makes the business card look boring.

Card 5: This card is too simple. A picture gradient seems inappropriate for a business card. The text makes the card look boring and doesn't make it stand out.

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