decision making model

1. a not so popular student invites you to a sleepover, you have accepted and are planning to attend. later a very popular student that you have been hoping to make freinds with invites you to his sleepover and your freind is planning to attend what do you do?

2. you can go to the first sleepover or the second

3. if you dont show to the first the kids sleepover you could hurt his felling if you go to the second you can make freinds with the boy

4. the right thing to do would be to go to the sleepover you were planning to attend in the first place

5. do the right thing and go to the sleepover you were already planing to go to

6. you have done the right thing and probobly had fun at the sleepover there will be another time to make freinds with the other boy

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