Food Safety and Sanitation

Clean:  Is the proccess of getting rid of dirt or bactiria to prevent the spread of disiese.

Before you cook your food you should always clean things like..

  • Wipe off Countertops
  • Rinse food if necissary
  • Make sure your dishes are clean, if they aren't clean you should wash them
  • Wash your hands  

Seperate: Moving foods away from each other so that they don't combine.

Reasons why you should seperate you food include:

  • To prevent cross contamination.
  • To prevent one food from tasting like another.

Certain foods you should always seperate include:

  • Raw meat from Fruits and Vegitables
  • Cooked food from Raw food

Cook: The proccess of which you prepare your food by heating it in some way.

Reasons why you should cook foods before you eat them:

  • To prevent the spread of disease
  • To get rid of any unwanted bactiria
  • To prevent food poisoning or food borne illness

When you are cooking your food should never reach the danger zone point. (40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • The reason for that is that the bactiria that is causing food poisoning multiplies quickest in the danger zone.

Chill: to make something cool down or to be cold.

Reasons why you should chill food include:

  • So it can prevent  bactiria from appearing
  • To keep your family safe
  • Doesn't waste food
  • Slows the growth of bactiria which prevents diseases to be spread throughout the food.

Never leave your food out for more than two hours (if it's a hot day 90 degrees or hotter food should be left out for longer than an hour.)

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