Christmas Cards

Amanda Garcia

1.I like of all the plants and the way the colors are kind of washed out. It also sounds kind of sarcastic.

2. It's interesting because it shows Santa and the anti-Santa, Krampus, fighting. It also looks really old and I like the use of only three colors.

3. It looks like the background was done with watercolors. The tree looks really cute and messy.

4. I love the colors used. It also looks like a really cute Christmas sweater.

5. I really like the minimalist design and the contrasting greens.

6. It reminds me of older Winnie the Pooh episodes. It's also kind of sad looking and embodies a cold winter day very well.

7. It's very cute and simple. Looks like a combination of a Dr. Seuss and Peanuts art style.

8. The way the bones make up the Christmas tree is really adorable and creative.

9.The art style is very cute. It's also extremely vibrant and festive.

10. The use of music sheets is fancy. The ribbon with snowflakes makes it even prettier.


1. I don't like the font at all. It looks messy and thoughtless.

2. The mix of patriotism and Christmas doesn't sit well.

3. There's a typo and it also looks really childish and boring.

4. The varsity font doesn't fit the Christmas theme at all.

5. It looks poorly done, not nice at all.

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