Coastal plains

come and see Georgia's coastal plain

Georgia's coastal plain is a low flat region of sandy,well drained,gently rolling hill's and poorly drained flat lands.The coastal plain makes up the southern half of Georgia.Lot's of different animals live here such as Armadillos,Deer,Wild Boar,and rattlesnakes.Also,the main plant's that grow here are Peanut's,and cotton.

The Coastal Plain of Georgia stretches from the fall line to the Atlantic ocean,covering 35,650 miles or 60% of the state.Georgia's coastal plain is as much as 300km wide or 200 miles.Its elevation ranges from sea level to 225 m or 750 ft.An important district of the lower coastal plain is the okefenokee basin,an area of low relief and swamp's. Info by museum of natural history.

You should visit the coastal plain's of Georgia because you can visit the barrier islands,the okefenokee swamp,and the beach.See all the different species of animals in the okefenokee swamp,or see the beautiful beach of tybee island,which is a barrier island.;

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