Dickens Kid's Dictionary: Fun Edition



n. the act of being patient

Christopher, Kanga, and Eeyore had to be forbearing when they tried to pull Winnie out of Rabbit's house hole for hours.


n. i. someone who does not belong to an accepted religion ii. an uncivilized person

To the Kingdom of Far Far Away, Shrek is a heathen.


n. a line of related things which move in the same direction

The Teletubbies formed a cavalcade in the form of a conga line.


v. to think deeply about something

The Grinch ruminated over how he would ruin the Who's Christmas.


n. someone skilled in the art of horseback riding (form of the word jinete)

Little Creek rescued Spirit from the Colonel and rode him off into the sunset, being the good jinte that he was.


v. to tip a hat in salutation

Woody has a habit of doffing his hat whenever he meets a new toy.


n. a sticky substance taken from trees (used to make plastic, pills, lacquers, etc.)

These cute little charms are made of resin clay.


n. a thorough search

Timon & Pumba didn't ask for a warrant before going on a perquisition to prove Scar's sequestration of Zazu.


n. a walk taken in a public place as a form of social activity

Lizzy and Caroline promenaded around the room whilst Darcy wrote a letter.


v. to move heavily, trudge

Simba plodded away from the duo he met after running away from home.