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Mrs. Brohman

This story takes place in a earth far in the future where the entire planet is covered in water. The main character is named Mara and she is a curious girl that is fearful for her small island’s future because of the rising water. They describe how horrible the storm season is and how whenever there is a break in the storm everyone goes outside for however long it lasts. In the first break they had in a long time Mara took her opportunity to go out and explore a little. She found some driftwood and brought it back to her friend Tain so he could use it to help fix up his house. While there they have tea and talk about what is to come. She is surprised by his words about how he thinks the island is going to flood and they need to start moving but he is scared no one will listen to him and they will all die. After this conversation with Tain he gives her a present that used to be her grandmothers. She then decides that she should go and see her friends. While with her friends she voices her shared concerns with them and they don’t believe her until she starts explaining herself. That is as far as I have read for now.

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