Mr. Gore and Colonel Lloyd

Mr. Gore is cruel, he's an overseer who watches all the slaves, and there was no mercy of whipping the slaves. His role of slavery as a white man is he has no respect to his slaves. He's a first rate overseer, he's doing a good job as an overseer as a violence person to his slaves.

Colonel Lloyd is a wealthy man, he used his slaves as his profits, he values his horses but not his slaves. He would never whipped his slaves, but he ordered the overseers to beat the slaves, that's wrongdoing because he's as cruel as the overseers, just like the overseers he would want to beat his slaves whenever he wants to and hurts the slaves by his orders. His role as a white men is he owns a lot of money and he didn't value his slaves. He's an important role in Frederick Doughlass's stories because he owned him as a slave.