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My 20% project.

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Choosing My Project

For my 20% project I chose 3D printing. I chose it because I have been interested in 3D printing before and when I saw that is was an option, I wanted to do it. One thing I want to learn is how to take a SketchUp model and print it. Would I want to do this for a career? I don't know, but for now, I expect it to be fun.

Intro Research

I learned how to make a 3D model in SketchUp in to learn about my project.

Questions Answered

What I did was I created a boat, and I will soon learn how to print the model.

My SketchUp boat!

A question that I answered was how to give my boat's walls a thickness, (they used to be flat).

Technical Terms

I need to know only a few technical terms, for example, the names of the programs, the process used to print, the name of the material that is printed, things like that.

NEW Questions And Info

I now need to know how to print, what program to use to print, and how to export to that program.

Technical Parts Of My Project

The technical parts of my project are getting my SketchUp model to a printable model, and the actual printing of my model. The process I need to complete is the printing process itself.

Tech Stuff Part 2

The part of the printing process I am at, is getting the SketchUp model to the printable one. One problem I am having is getting the model to where I can print it.

My Test

To test my model, I will be filling something up with water. It will probably either be my kitchen sink, or my bathtub. Before I actually test my model, I will need to put some glue on the bottom of my boat because there is a crack in the bottom. [Insert Picture of Cracked Boat] I will probably put some kind of weight in the boat to see how well it handles with weight. I will also put some sort of waves in the water to see how sturdy the boat is.

Where I Am At Now

I currently need to test my model, and then possibly redesign it. Once I do that I will retest my new model with the same test. If I do end up redesigning my model, I will probably also make the whole boat thicker, because even before testing, the whole boat cracked.

My Modifications

Basically, what I modified on my model was I made the walls thicker because it cracked (as shown on My Test). Hopefully, I will be able to make another boat at some point in the future.


I am glad that I did 3D printing for my 20% project. I am satisfied because I got to use SketchUp almost every day, I liked the actual printing part, the model came out really well, and it looks really cool. [Insert picture of model] If I got to do a 20% project again with the same options, I would either do 3D printing again, Google Cardboard, or drone flying.

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2 years ago

I like the picture of the boat. Especially the one with a crack in it.

2 years ago

Thanks. The resolution is so good isn't it?