Alyssa Mullane

Looking Back, Moving Forward!

Looking Back, Moving Forward! Thank you for all of your support. Next year, I am going to St. Joseph by the Sea High School. I am very excited. Thank you for sending me to St. Clare School. I have made so many friends; that will last forever. I also had made so many memories, that will never be forgotten. So many amazing things happened, this year! I made all of my high-schools. This year in cheer-leading we did amazing. Even though we didn't win we did the best that we could of done. My last year at St. Clare School is so much fun. We performed the Christmas Pageant. In a couple of weeks we will be going to see Wicked on broad-way. This year, as seniors, the cheerleaders had a "Senior Night." Soon we will be attending our prom, graduation, and 8th grade picnic. Next year I am looking forward to cheer for SEA. I am excited to say, that I made J.V and Varsity. Next year, I will be taking a new step in my life. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. If it wasn't for everyone's support I wouldn't be doing the things I do today. Thank you mom and dad, teachers, coaches, and my friends, for leading me in the right direction!  

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