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The place I have always wanted to travel to.

Almost everyone on my moms side of the family is Italian. My grandparents speek fluent Itallian and English. So, I have always wanted to go to Itally to learn more about where my family is from.  Also I have heard its really beautiful there.

The book I read and re-read as a kid.

I never liked to read and I dont really like reading now but when I was in elementary school, I always read Junie B Jones. They were easy books and they were entertaining too. I read all of the books. Im pretty sure that is the only series I have fully finished.

The first time I skipped school.

The first time I skipped school, from what I remember, was in kindergarden to go to Las Vegas for my birthay. It wasnt really for my birhday though, it was for a wedding that happen to be on the same day as my birthday.

Favorite sport.

My favorite sport is volleyball. I play for CPA (a volleyball club). I have played volleyball since 6th grade and have loved it ever sience we played it in gym. I recently started playing sand volleyball too.

What I heard when I was eavesdropping.

One time when I was in 6th grade I heard my parents talking about going on vacation. Long story short thats how I found out we were going to California on a road trip. This is  a picture of me climbing a tree in the Redwood Forest.

What makes me happiest.

What makes me happiest is being with really close friends and laughing really hard over everything and having a good time. I love moments when you laugh and smile about everything because then you know your having a good time. Also, this picture of a cat makes me happy too.

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