College project #ACEsL


1.letter of intent

2.Embedded video with Link to Official Website Application

4.letter of recommendation


6.FAFSA form(paper copy)

Letter of intent

My intentions of enter in this school is to study the career of music. This the perfect school for my because I already have experience in guitar and mariachi. My grandpa was a mariachi and the music are in my veins and I like the music so much and enter in this school will be a honor for my.

My ability with the music is good. I always practice guitar electric guitar and acoustic flamenca guitar. I have more practice with the acoustic one than the electric.

to be honest I don't care about this project I just want don't due nothing in all the day. I fell sick and angry. This days was bad and everybody make it more bad I don't want see the people I don't like people everybody is bad for my that is why I want be alone.I am okay just I don't want see the people. I think this school could by perfect for my.

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