Arcanine's species name is the "Legendary Pokemon" despite the fact that it's not actually a legendary in any way.

Magneton is made by three Magnemite, yet weighs 10 times more. Magnemite weighs 13.2 pounds, but Magneton weighs 132 pounds.

Rock Throw is the only physical Rock attack with no secondary effect

Dragon Pokemon are the only type to be featured in every Generation's Pokemon League

- Raikou is the only legendary Pokemon Ash hasn't encountered in the anime or in one of the movies.

Only two Electric-type Pokemon are known to have the "Lightning Pokemon" species name; Electrike and Jolteon

Of all the Pokemon that can evolve, Sneasel has the highest base speed stat.

Jirachi and Manaphy are the only two Pokemon who can't be found at an in-game location in any of the main games.

Corsola and Relicanth are the only Water/Rock Pokemon that are not revived fossils

Deoxys was the first Pokemon to have its own unique battle music in-game

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