A Year in Review

For this tackk assignment you are going to be taking a look back at all of the different topics that we have covered this year.  For each standard that is listed you are going to complete an activity or task to prove that you actually remember what we have learned.  Follow the directions for each standard that is listed below.  Good Luck!

Matter and It's Interactions
Day 1

For the next three learning targets please create  something to show me that you are still proficient in them.  You may need to conduct research or look back through your notes from earlier in the year.  You may use any resource that is in my classroom to prove your understanding.

Learning Targets:

I can...

1. describe how atoms bond together to create molecules

2. describe the difference  between physical/chemical changes

3. balance a chemical equation

Day 2

For the next two learning targets please conduct a little experiment.  I would like you to create a simulation/experiment to calculate the speed of an object going down a ramp.  You can use a online program to simulate an object traveling down a ramp, or you may actually create a ramp system using materials in my room.  I want you to show calculations for kinetic and potential energy, and also a small write-up showing your reflection.

Learning Targets:

I can...

1. describe kinetic energy and calculate the energy of moving objects

2. explain the different between kinetic energy and potential energy