Should We Use Experimental Procedures on Humans?


Should science be used to alter peoples’ brain function/intelligence through drugs, therapy, etc.?

In reality something like this seems extremely complex, and it is. You have to get it practically perfect for it to work. Like in Flowers for Algernon it was experimental. It killed Charlie. He knew that when he became smart that they should have waited a bit longer just to make sure it works. Evidence that supports this is that memory implants have been tried on animals

“Berger and his team of researchers have yet to conduct experiments on humans. Their work with monkeys, rabbits, and rats has gleaned positive results and has been well documented." Berger is a scientist trying to make memory implants for humans, obviously you wouldn't start with humans so he started with animals. There has been positive results, Just like with Algernon (I know its fictional) but he died after a while of being an intelligent mouse. Before we do anything on humans we need to see if there is any long-term side affects of memory implants that are EXPERIMENTAL.

Unlike Berger and the POTUS some scientist think its ridiculous. Some of Berger's collogues think he is insane because the symptoms and the side effects, let alone the actual operation are dangerous:

“The idea is so audacious and so far outside the mainstream of neuroscience that many of his colleagues, says Berger, think of him as being just this side of crazy.”

Although this seems crazy we have gotten "working" memory implants for kids with CIs

“Working memory training may produce benefit for some memory and language skills for children with CIs, supporting the importance of conducting a large-scale, randomized clinical trial with this population.”

CIs are cochlear implants that are sort of like memory implants and can help kids with basic tasks. So far the results are good but things can still go bad.

It's true it is crazy and there are so many things that can go wrong, like a rapid increase in smarts to a rapid decrease. Overall there are to many things that could go wrong with he brain. After all not everybody is the same. Some scientists think they have found out how to decode the brain but again not everybody is the same. We should not try and use experimental drugs on people to help with learning and memories.

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