Wise Man

wise man

The wise man was short, stocky, strong, had facial hair, and stood up straight. The wise man created useful tools we use today. Wise man was the first hominid to do that. Wise man has 60 types of tools that were found. Some examples of their tools are, knives, scrapers, and spear points. They made these tools from rocks and wood that they found. They could've used those tools to survive by using them to hunt animals for food. Some special capabilities that helped their group survive is that they could defend themselves with the tools and also they could hunt animals more easily.

The wise man lived in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia. The Latin name for the wise man is sapiens. The nickname is wise man. Nobody knows what happened to the Wise Man group. They lived for 10,000 years along with early modern humans. Scientists know this because of the bones that are left behind from both groups.

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