Persuasive Writing

we more basketballs because 2nd grade comes out first and gets all six basketballs, when 3rd grade comes out five min later . So then Mr.Jeff makes 2nd grade give third grade three of the basketballs.bk

We need more basketballs because if we don’t get more basketballs there

might be fights over the basketballs. For example if there is one basketball left two people could want the basketball and those two people could fight over it and they could get hurt. Another example is that people could get in trouble if they fight over a basketball.

Another reason is to make sure students don’t get bored out at recess. For example if a student gets board that person might think of doing things they are not supposed to. For example if a student gets bored that student might try to sneak back inside the school. Another example is if a student gets bored at recess he might try to steal another person's basketball.

I think we really need more basketballs on our school playground. And will solve some problems