Music Autobiography

Music is Much a part of my life. But I also LOVE movies.

Life Event:

1998, I was born on October 11th

Life Event: Family

My Step mom has taken care of me since I was  3.

Life Event: Kindergarden

Kindergarten was bad.

Life Event: Being New

I switched schools from Charlotte to Concord.

Life Event: Sister

My sister Sophia was born In February.

Life Event: School Songs

Okay so I was In the Elementary school chorus for 3 years, I really enjoyed it.

In 5th grade I got a solo for one of the verses in Eye of the Tiger

I think it was really one of my first ever solos and I even had a little audition. My music teacher told me that I had "..Nailed it to the Wall!" Quoting my teacher there. :)

We also sang, Don't Stop Beliv'n by Journey, It Don't Mean a Thing by--, and Stand by Me

- We sang the Harris Teeter Song a million times because of a faulty camera and still did not win a contest.

- I sang the Star-Spangled Banner at a basketball game.

- I sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus in the talent show.

- My Heart He Knows by The Christ Family, at church

Life Event: Moving Up -5th grade graduation

Graduating from 5th grade.

They sang the song Iv'e Got a Feelin' by Black eyed peas

Life Event: Middle School

Middle school was bad, just saying, but it is pretty much common knowledge anyway. Everyone's middle school experience was bad.

Some songs I sang in chorus, cause I sing:

Popular (from wicked)

Wake Up Everybody by John Legend

Gloria (Its in Latin)

Some German song

Also I was introduced to music in the 5th grade. I got a Taylor Swift CD for Christmas and I was just like ...Okay. I didn't really know anything about the person or music.

The album Speak Now by Taylor Swift got me through all three cold and cruel years of middle school.

Mean and Speak Now by Taylor Swift

Life Event: A Dog

I came home one day in October and we had a dog. That was it. The first official dog in the family. October, so many events.

Life Event: Ruby

My sister Ruby was born in October, close to my birthday. And she is amazing, puts a huge positive impact on the family.

Life Event: Birthdays

My Birthdays.

Life Event: Eagles (2013 - 2017)

I applied to Early College High School and got in. It is crazy though because I hadn't really pursued the idea before. So I just out of nowhere applied.  

Life Event: The Wave (2013)

When I was a freshman I was told by some of the juniors that there was going to be a wave of work and stress. The Wave supposedly was going make everyone cry and break down. It was "The Wave," but I was always waiting for it too happen to that extent. It never came that bad, just some upperclassmen underestimating our abilities. The first wave at Early College. Of course there were occasional moments where we were just done with the stress.  

Life Event: Driver's Permit (2014)

Got my drivers permit after drivers ed.

Summer with CCC (Carolina Cross Connection)

1st Semester Sophomore year:

I bought Taylor Swift's Album 1989.

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

Life Event: Now (2015)

I'm sorta alone right now. I really need to make friends.

Life Event: Talent Shows

9th Grade talent show: I sang Jolene by Dolly Pardon

10th Grade: I sang Oceans by Hillsong United

Life Event: Driver's Licence

I will get my drivers licence.

Junior and Senior Year

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