Love You Long Time

The story of my magical, passionate love for a girl named Kaitlin Moore.  

So a little over a year ago, I met a girl named Kaitlin Moore.  I was immediately hooked.  I had to be her friend!  She carried herself with a  certain mesmerizing charm.  I swooped in with the innocent awkward girl attack, and what can I say?  It worded!  

Our first photo hehe

Instantly, Kaitlin and I became dance partners, cuddle buddies, and wannabe drug addicts.  She was the best best friend a girl could ever hope for.  

Aren't we cute?!

This was our first song.  The song that encouraged us to rap and be our true selves <3

We even spent like 2 straight weeks on a foof. The foofs had a lot more to come...
The freakin cutie even taught me how to shoot a bow.

After Christmas break things started changing.  I informed Kaitlin that I was gay.  She was obsessed with black people, and we seemed to be touching more and more...

This was our favorite song... oh the irony

On March 1st, everything changed.  We were cuddling in my room, our hearts beating fast, one thing led to another and I ended up kissing my best friend.  God was looking out for me that night, because by goly she kissed me back!!

Post best night of my life

Since March 1st, Kaitlin and I have been through a lot!! I mean crazy friends, grandparents dying, college decisions, family backlash, and even distance, but we continue to grow stronger each and every day.  

I don't know what I would with out her.  She is my rock.  Even after 238 days of being together I still get butterflies when we kiss, or she stares at me when I'm not looking.  I have no doubt I'm in love with Kaitlin Moore.

So baby girl, I have one request.  Will you please press the button?

Well now hopefully I can refer to Kaitlin Moore as my wonderful fiance.  <3

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