Rome Expands Into New Countries With Many Weapons
By: Feno Monaco

Augustus ( pictured above) was ruler in some of this time of conquest.

Pictured (above)  a map of Rome

(Above), a video of Rome's conquest

Roman wine ( pictured above)

ROME, 510 B.C.-  The Roman empire  attempted and succeeded in expanding  their empire.  In Rome, they wanted more power, so they defeated opponents with their army and weapons.

Different perspectives are being taken on the taking over Carthage, some support while others oppose.  First, Bill Hasta from the roman army.  Bill said, "  We definitely are celebrating the victory over them, it was a long hard war, I think for both sides.  Our king is also extremely happy about this expansion".  Now to the man in Carthage. " The roman people are such idiots, they just keep taking over different empires for no reason".  After, this he walked away.  

Different weapons were used to take over these countries. One was a hasta which is also known as a spear. The Romans had different names for different weapons. Other weapons include the dagger, pilium or javelin, shields and swords, and horses.

Rome has now taken over Lebanon, Israel, Syria, parts of Iran, Iraq, Italy, Spain, France, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Mesopotamia, Sicily, Armenia, Carthage and Greece.


ROME 510 B.C.- The Romans loved food.  Their day consists of three meals. The first meal is small. The second is about the same. But, the third is definitely a true feast.

For rich people, they can afford ostrich, peacock, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, dormice, and snails although they do not eat these foods often.At the big meal, a small glass of wine is given to a deity along with a prayer. For the wealthy, the breakfast is in the master bedroom. It consists of bread or wheat pancakes with dates and honey. Most food in the kitchens are fried or boiled in olive oil. Lunch at 11 a.m. consists of a light meal of bread and cheese, also possibly a little bit of meat. The Romans love sauces, their sauces are made from vinegar, honey, pepper, herbs, and spices. They put sauces on almost everything.

In Egypt and Western Asia which Rome has conquered, they do not eat pork. In Northern Europe which Rome also conquered, they drink beer instead of wine, and also used butter for fat instead of olive oil. They drink wine in Rome though. It is considered rude to not put water in wine in Rome. Wine is flavored with honey and herbs. Also for the rich, there are glasses made of glass while the poor have theirs made out of clay. Obviously, they love food and drink.

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