Padlet:  Simple Yet Powerful

Creating Innovative Presentations Easily

Let's take a look Padlet's website.  Go to

Now, click on GALLERY.


What do you notice?  What do you see?  What does it feel like to you?

Let's create our unique login.  Don't worry, you students will be able to use your login.  I've had 50 students completing walls on my account.  Guess what…IT'S FREE!


Let's click MODIFY  WALL

Guess what!  It autosaves!

Now let's create a Portrait, Title, and Description so you can find it again.  This will be important when 50 students are using your account:-)

Now let's create a wallpaper.

Look for the gear button to get to the wallpaper button.

Now let's add text.

Simply double-click anywhere on the wall.

You can move it, resize it, and change font and colors.

Try adding a hyperlink.

Let's get a new window and look for another website to link with our post.

Copy the url address.  Paste in the box.

What else do you notice?

How about adding a media clip?

Visit Discovery Education.

Use my login if you wish.

In the search box, type "Westward Expansion".

Select To The Mississippi: Westward Expansion and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787

Locate the "Share" button.

The url code is already in the dialogue box.  Push the "Copy" button.

Double click anywhere on the wall to pull up the dialogue box.

Click the hyperlink button.

PASTE the url code here, then ADD.

It's time to SHARE your wall!

Look for the Share button on the right side.

Scroll down and find the QR code.  Let's try it!

Student Examples

Let's practice!

Question of the day...

What were the 3 different presentation tools I showed you today?