What is ViewTrakr?

Hi, my name is Bob Barenfeld and chances are, if you have landed on this page,  then you want to know what all the hype is about, concerning ViewTrakr. Well, let me just tell you the facts. The people over at ViewTrakr have come up with a very clever way to bring massive exposure to your business.  I can tell you honestly, that the brilliant people  over at ViewTrakr , have really created a viable system  with an interesting concept.

Let's face it, trying to convince people to look at your business opportunity, project, or even just a free message, that you want to share with people, is quite frankly, a challenge to get them to even look in your direction, or way, when it comes to the things that you are working on. Understanding that challenge, and the challenges we face as internet marketers, the people over at ViewTrakr , figured out a way, to make your business stand out , that no one wants to take a look at it anyway, no matter how great your compensation plan or idea is, those are just the facts.

The people over at ViewTrakr, have designed a proprietary and unique system, that will make those same people who did not want to give your business opportunity, project, or message, the time of day. ViewTrakr will help them look at your business , your project, or your message, and they will not even feel like, you are trying to shove your message in their face, and here is how they do it. We all know that, YouTube is popular for one reason, and one reason only; entertainment, and that is exactly what the good people over at you ViewTrakr have tapped into, and here is how they do it.

They have designed a video sharing platform, that allows you to use any video or videos of your choosing , and in bed them in a custom skin, promoting whatever you are trying to promote . So,  what I am saying now,  you  have the ability to take a video, that is going viral on the Internet, and say to your Facebook friends or Twitter friends or whoever, "hey everybody check out this video.And you gain points for people watching your videos and at the same time your promoting your business or whatever you are promoting on one of your 3 pages.

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No matter what you want to do.. The design and set up to your pages are your choice and how you want them to look and what videos you want on them.  Just click the JOIN the Game! button and get started to success.