Loving V. Virgina

                                                             Inter-Racial Marriage

By: Ja'Kia Carter & Iesha Poole

This law in Virginia was a slavery law. No black woman, or man would be able to marry a white man, or woman.Although, Virginia was not the only state that banned inter-racial marriage. There were 16 other states also.The first two couple that was charged with violating the state's law were Mildred Jeter, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man.They were married in Columbia, then shortly moved to Virginia.The couple were found guilty and had been sent to jail for a year.However, the judge suspended the sentence,and the couple would have to leave the state and not return in 25 years.The court would not let this happen because it was under the fourteenth amendment, and this case was called the Equal Protection case.If you violated it, then you will be sent to jail.

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