Changing Warfare Forever

During World War 1, many technological advances were made in warfare. Sadly, these advances did not speed up war, it just made more killing occur. The war was not overall improved at all. Later these advances were more helpful. These tools are critical because we still use them today as modern warfare, but with even more advances.

Poison Gas

Poison Gas was mainly first used by the Germans. Soldiers started to wear gas masks such as those shown above. Some of these gases would just severely injure the men, impairing them from being able to fight back, such as blinding them or blistering their skin. Others would have fumes that would lead to death due to suffocation when inhaling the gas.

Machine Guns

The machine gun was the first gun with automatic ammunition. This made it a lot easier to shoot rapid fire and to take out many more people at once making it hard for forces to charge forward. men in trenches had little chance of staying alive when men would come with machine guns. This new technology lead to many casualties.


The invention of the tank was huge-- literally. This gave the ability to take out massive amounts of soldiers at once, as well as having a lot more protection. With chain tracks, tanks had the ability to move across a vast amount of different types of terrain. The British were the ones to invent this military warfare advance.


The Submarine was invented by the Germans. these submarines were used mainly for shooting torpedoes or underwater missles as weaponry. Submarines that we near or above water were very obvious for showing a mission of attack. Whe. The underwater listening devices were a major advancement because it made it easier for more stealthy attacks.


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