A Collage About Me




Smart Educational Goal

S- Maintain a 3.0 or High GPA throughout high school so i can go to a decent collage.

M-Work to keep all of my grades B or higher

A- To achieve this goal i will spend at least 1 hour studying or doing homework at home every night

R- I should be able to met this goal because i have keep it around a 3.0 so far.

T- At the end of the 2015 school year

Go to Collage

Smart Financial Goal

S- Save up $2000 for car by the end of the school year

M- to achieve this goal i will work at least 15 hours a week

A- i will pick up any shift that others don't want to get 15 or more hours a week

R- At the rate im going i should be able to achieve this goal

T-I would like to achieve this goal by the end of may, beginning of june

Buy a Car

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