Storms that consist of thunder, lightning, and a sort of precipitation.

How do Thunderstorms form?

Thunderstorms are produced from a cumulonimbus cloud, a cumulonimbus cloud is a type of cloud that indicates a thunderstorm and the clouds often reach 30,000 feet or more. The ingredients to make a thunderstorm are moisture, unstable air, and something to lift the unstable air and moisture. You need the moisture to form the clouds and rain, and you need unstable air that is relatively warm and can rise rapidly.       

The Dangers of a Thunderstorm.

There are many dangers of a thunderstorm and one of the biggest dangers is lightning. Why lightning is one of the most dangerous part of a thunderstorm is because when lightning makes contact with the ground in someway it is dangerous from where it hit and 10 meters away from where it hit. But there is a number one way thunderstorms have a great effect and the greatest one is heavy rain. Why heavy rain is the most dangerous is because heavy rain can cause a flash flood very quickly. On average a flood can kill 200 people per year.

When a thunderstorm starts

Before a thunderstorm is about to start the signs it will give is there will be dark clouds where you are or near by you. The air will also feel moist and humid, there will also be gusts coming through. If the thunderstorm is really close or about to start there will be some light rain and you will start to hear thunder and lightning.

Damages of Thunderstorm

Each year there are nearly 1,800 thunderstorms occuring at anytime around the world, thats close to 16 million thunderstorms a year! Every year thunderstorms around the world cost almost 1 billion dollars every year. Those damages include Homes, crops, and cars with many more damages.

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