Sports Statistician

Math in the Real World Project

   A sports statistician records stats during a game and calculates percentages and points then sends the stats to their employer(press, coach, etc.). Technology is used in this job for spreadsheets, to help them calculate and for play-by-play which they use to check the stats that they recorded. Future technology could affect this by making it faster and easier to record and calculate stats.

This is some of the types of stats a statistician would record and calculate.

   They use lots of estimation and probability which are some of the things that we studied this year. They use them for things like shooting percentages and who they think has a better chance of winning or losing.

This is an example of how they use probability and estimation

   Sports statisticians can make anywhere from $40k to $110k although most make around $50k to $90k. The job is related to. An assistant or head coach because the coach uses the stats that the statistician finds. Also being a team owner is related to it because they use the stats to see who they want on their team and who they want to play.

This project really made me think differently about math in the real world. It made me realize how involved math is all around us. I thought a sports statistician just recorded down stats but really they do much more with math. It helped me realize how important math is and how it is important that we learn it in school. I think I would love this jobs because I would get paid to watch and be involved with sports which I love doing anyway. The only downside is that it would probably be hard to get the job because lots of people would want to do it and it may be stressful.

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