Summer School Fun

My name is Abigail I go to Harren Hills.My teacher is Mr. Todtfeld and I am going into the fith grade.We have been learning about Africa.I am doing a group project.I like Mr.Todtfeld I think summer adventure is verry fun.

Elective #1 Music Mania

I love music mania beacause you get to play bar insturments. We get to use lots of boddy percuin. Also beach balls wich is a lot of fun.

Elective # 2 Cheer leading

I loved chearliding because I got to do kicks. I also love cheer.To me cheer is a nother way to get active.

Elective #3 Fittnes Fun

I love Fittnes fun beacuase I get to be with my friends and get active.It has verry fun games.Also it never gets boring.

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