getting good grades and trying your hardest

My definition of success.try your hardest you will get something good in the future (ex. a good job, nice cars, etc), but if you don't try ,you will not be successful in life and you will  just give up. If you try and get your diploma  and go to college you will have a great life! “My definition of success:is when you try your hardest and never give up in life always give it a 100%

My life motto: “I would like to graduate from school and earn my master’s degree. I hope to get a job I like that pays great money and also have a family someday.

This quote really got to me about success."Success isn't about how much money you make it's about the difference you make in people's live" -Michelle Obama

What does it take to be successful in life? Success is when  you try your hardest and never give up. Just go out and try all the challenges life throws at you. Don't say "it's to hard i'm not going to try if you do you will fail in life" just follow your goals put everything aside and focus on that goal you want to get and then when you reach for your goal then you will have a lot of goals!

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